Parking Lot Repairs, Building 706

General Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee, WI

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Project Details

USPFO for Wisconsin, Wisconsin National Guard


Milwaukee, WI 53207

Project Description

The scope of work for this project entailed repair water main leaks, removal of gravel and pavement to an area that was previously a traffic island adjacent to Building 706 at General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, WI.  Work entailed replacement of 8 inch insulation valves and riser assemblies, excavation, super chlorination, drain tiles, restoration and paving.  Also, formation and placement of a new concrete curb, gutter and handicap ramp. Included on the project was Site Restoration (horizontal surfaces, concrete, and asphaltic paving) and Leak Detection Survey. Special features involved portable water distribution chlorination, compliance with Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Regulations, Military Airport Security requirements, and fire prevention at Air Base.