Repair and Replace Sewer Lifts & Mains

General Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee, WI

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Project Details

USPFO for Wisconsin, Wisconsin National Guard


Milwaukee, WI 53207

Project Description

The Wisconsin National Guard provided us with a scope of work for this project which entailed the repair and replacement of sanitary sewer lines and the removal and replacement of the existing sanitary lift station. The work included lining existing remaining sanitary sewer lines, removing and replacing existing sanitary sewer lines, pipe jacking, abandonment of old and installation of new sanitary sewer lines, repairing and replacing existing manholes, and the removal of the existing ‘dry well’ lift station equipment and installation of a new ‘wet well’ lift station within the existing lift station construction. Other work accompanying the sewer lines included temporary removal and replacement of electrical generators and controls, fencing, signage, light poles, asphalt and concrete pavement removal/ replacement, curb and gutter, and traffic control.