Army Reserve Center near Smithfield

Smithfield, PA 15478

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Department of Army - U.S. Army of Corps Engineers, Louisville District

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Army Reserve Centers, Department of Defense

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Smithfield, PA 15478

Project Description

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Louisville District provided a scope for the design and build of a new 170-member, one-story Army Reserve Center Training Building (ARC), an Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS) and an Unheated Storage Building (UHS) for the 99th RSC, located on 20 acres in Uniontown, PA. Design services were met to user requirements which included space allocation, interior design, and associated mechanical and electrical requirements. As constructor, we built the 35,000 square foot facility using tilt-up architectural precast construction with a steel truss roof. This project will receive a LEED Silver rating from the United States Green Building Council.