Equipment Concentration Site (ECS) Warehouse

Fort Hunter Liggett, CA 93928

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Department of Army - U.S. Army of Corps Engineers, Louisville District

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Department of Defense, Warehouse

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Fort Hunter Liggett, CA 93928

Project Description

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Louisville District provided a scope of work for an Equipment Concentration Site (ECS) Warehouse to provide a facility to maintain and store equipment in which the occupants are able to effectively implement their Army Reserve support and training missions. The single story building warehouse was approximately 93,000 sf of open storage, and also included offices, bathroom, breakroom, additional storage area, locker area, and classroom. The project scope was complete with required utilities, storm drainage, communications, electric, HVAC, fire protection/alarm systems, IDS, force protection measures, paving, walks, curbs, parking, access roads, exterior lighting, site improvements, grading and landscaping. This project has received a LEED Silver rating from the United States Green Building Council.