Façade Observations & Repairs of Imminently Hazardous Conditions

202 and 220 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60604

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Chicago, IL 60604

Project Description

The scope for this contract was to perform facade observations at the buildings located at 202 S. State St. and 220 S. State St.  The project also included the performance of repairs to sections of the façade at 202 S. State St. and 220 S. State St. to address imminently hazardous conditions identified in the field by the A/E (Johnson Lasky Kindelin Architects/Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.).  Both 202 and 220 S. State Street were inspected via 22 drops for obtaining repair synopsis.  The project was worked in unison with Engineer, Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., who developed repair drawings based on our observations. Tedious repairs were made to existing terra cotta and structural elements.  Charpie provided: CQC Field Representation, Lead crew member scaffolding assembly, Ground crew for coordination, Safety Maintenance, and Scheduling of work (each drop).