FEMA Renovation & Expansion Project

536 S. Clark St. – 7th Floor

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General Services Administration

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Chicago, IL 60604

Project Description

The U.S. General Services Administration provided a scope of work consisting of interior office build-out of two separate areas on the 7th floor of 536 South Clark Street. The total area is approximately 12,665 square feet. Build-out includes kitchenette, conference rooms, storage room, and business center in addition to open and enclosed offices. The following major tasks were included under this project: Selective demolition of existing lighting, Conduit, Security system components and ductwork, Limited partition demolition including doors & frames, Floor tile removal and floor repair and preparation, Alterations to existing HVAC, sprinkler system and fire alarm systems, Installation of all new lighting and power, Installation of all new gypsum drywall partitions, Suspended acoustical ceilings, Doors and hardware, Lighting, Carpeting, Vinyl tile flooring, Casework and Painting.