Ground Floor Lighting and Control Upgrades

Post Office-Loop Station

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General Services Administration

Project Delivery

Construction Manager as Constructor

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Chicago, IL 60604

Project Description

The overall intent of this project was to replace HID lamps with compact fluorescent lamps, digitally addressable ballasts and controllers at the Post Office-Loop Station, 211 S. Clark St. The project was awarded with our firm under a CMc (Construction Manager as Constructor) contract. Major tasks included Removal of HID fixtures and lamps from the main Post Office ceiling which is approximately 35’ above finished floor, Furnish and install 600 CFL fixtures with 3 lamps and 2 digitally addressable dimming ballasts to each of the existing circuitry, Furnish and install new control sensors-daylighting and occupancy sensors for all fixtures, Furnish and install communication wiring between ballast, controls, and lighting control system; Furnish and install a digital network lighting control system consisting of power/management panels, computer hardware, and software capable of supporting and controlling all lighting fixtures within the Main Post Office, box areas, etc., Commissioning of lighting system, restoration and plastering repairs to entire Plaza ceiling areas, painting and decorating of all finished surfaces.