Pumping Station HVAC Improvements

Buildings 1-4, NADC

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

Project Delivery

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Ames, IA 50010

Project Description

The Pumping Station HVAC Improvements consisted of a modernization plan, developed to consolidate the sites, replace existing research facilities, and convert a portion of the existing laboratory space into new administrative facilities. The implementation of the modernization plan was programmed to occur in multiple phases. Major tasks included construction of a pumping station for the underground chilled water piping and apparatus to service building #1 and #2 of the research complex. Removal and installation of new insulation on all piping to supply chilled water to buildings #3 and #4 within the complex. This element of work also included environmental aspects of asbestos abatement throughout the work area. Also, replacement of cooling coils and reheat coils in buildings #3 and #4 together with all associated piping, controls, and valves.