Relocate B710 to Guard East

128th Air Refueling Wing

Project Details


United States Property and Fiscal Office, Wisconsin National Guard

Project Delivery

Bid Build

Project Type

Department of Defense

Size (s.f.)

5,800 SF

Year (of award)



General Mitchell Field, Milwaukee, WI

Project Description

The project scope included the disassembly, remove and legally hauling off-site the existing Vehicle Ops Parking Shed and reconstruct a pre-fabricated building with reinforced concrete foundation, floor with steel-framed structure, coated steel wall panels, roof panel system, and building impact protection located in new location. The demolition included foundation removal located at the existing location, new interior electrical, engine block heater plug-ins and lighting as well as exterior supporting facilities. It also included electrical service, communications, access pavements and site improvements at the new location.  Asphalt paving.  Remediation of unforeseen soil conditions were encountered during the excavation for the new foundations.