Repair CRF Building P-26

183 WG Illinois Air National Guard, Springfield, IL

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United States Property and Fiscal Office, Illinois National Guard

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Department of Defense

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Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, IL 62707

Project Description

The Work of Project consists of the following: Renovation of existing Building P-26 to accommodate the Centralized Repair Facility (CRF) engine storage function within the CRF mission. The CRF mission is to provide maintenance and repair of aircraft engines. Interior walls will be reconfigured and electrical, plumbing, fire protection, communications and ventilation systems will be upgraded to accommodate requirements for CRF engine storage. The latrines will be remodeled, the roof will be replaced and tuck-pointing exterior masonry will be required. The floor finish in the main storage bay will also be replaced. Two NDI functions are located in this facility: the prefabricated X-Ray Booth and the associated Dark Room. Additionally, a small area of long-term parts storage will become designated, fenced-in space within P-26.