Repair North Ramp Light Tower

General Mitchell International Airport

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United States Property and Fiscal Office, Wisconsin National Guard

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Department of Defense

Year (of award)



Milwaukee, WI 53207

Project Description

The purpose of this project was to repair by replace the latching pin guide assemblies (3) including the (3) locking pins as indicated in the task order Statement of Work and manufacturer specifications. Three latching pins were e replaced, as well as power supply mast cord, replaced to match the existing. The existing cable was removed (recycled by WIANG), replaced and the power supply cord was terminated in compliance with manufacturer specifications. Prior to the replacement of guide assemblies, etc., and cables, an inspection took place. This inspection of the existing Holophane high mast lowering device, power cable system & pulley, and locking mechanism ensured the replacement needs of the system functioned correctly and efficiently. After repairs have been made and the leveling and lubrication of all moving parts was complete, we test-exercised the system (5) times with WIANG base electrician present. This exercise test lowered and raised the mast completely ensuring correct operation.