Replace MUA Unit, B308

General Mitchell International Airport

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United States Property and Fiscal Office, Wisconsin National Guard

Project Delivery

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Department of Defense

Year (of award)



Milwaukee, WI 53207

Project Description

The contract called for a new make-up air unit (MAU) to be installed in place of the existing MAU in Building 308. The new MAU will be a 100% outdoor air unit with a hot water coil. The unit will be 5,000 CFM. The MAU will have a freezestat for freeze protection along with a modulating hot water control valve to maintain discharge air temperature, complete with necessary sensors, actuators and starters. A new exhaust fan was installed on the other side of the building in place of the existing exhaust fan. Ductwork, piping, valves, and accessories will be of high grade and quality and consistent with requirements of military installations of this nature and per International Mechanical Code (IMC), UFC 3-400-10N, and SMACNA standards. All suspended equipment will be isolated from the structure with vibration isolators. Piping, valves, and equipment shall be labeled and tagged for identification. HVAC: A 100% outdoor air make up air unit (MAU) was installed in place of the existing MAU. The new unit was mounted to the ceiling using threaded rod, unistrut and vibration isolators. The unit sits below the cross braces but is still above the floor of the mezzanine. Based on site observation, we felt that hanging the unit was the best option due to weight restrictions on the floor of the mezzanine.