River Forest School District 90, Summer 2016 Miscellaneous General Construction Work

Roosevelt Middle School

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7560 Oak Ave., River Forest, IL 60305

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The scope of this contract involved performing all necessary work to accomplish the River Forest School District 90 – Summer 2016 Roosevelt School Miscellaneous General Construction Work at the Roosevelt Middle School in River Forest, IL.  Work included the following trades: Demolition, Masonry, Carpentry and Millwork, Acoustical Ceilings, Resilient Flooring, Painting and Decorating, and Electrical work.  Selective demolition of 1st and 2nd floor classrooms connected the three large classrooms on both floors to 6 smaller rooms with new CMU partition walls, new acoustical ceilings, and new lighting.  On the first floor, we constructed a new IT office next to a data closet, a new auditorium corridor and ceilings, and new office expansion on the second floor library.