Slab Repair – Remove and Repaint Ramp

General Mitchell International Airport

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United States Property and Fiscal Office, Wisconsin National Guard

Project Delivery

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Department of Defense

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Milwaukee, WI 53207

Project Description

The basis of this project was to sealcoat and repaint aircraft parking apron shoulders.

Full depth concrete repair on spot# 4 of aircraft parking apron. The area to repair is located west of spot# 4 on the aircraft parking ramp and is approximately 20SY of 14” thick concrete. Excavate and dispose of approx. 14” of concrete at an offsite location. Installation of base material disturbed/ removed during excavation and compact. Compaction of subgrade stone installed in 3” lifts or less to obtain a compaction rate of 95% through nuclear density testing. Sealing of all pavement joints disturbed or created during demolition or construction operations. Removal of paint and repainting all concrete surfaces on aircraft parking apron.