Replace Aircraft Arresting System Tubes

Volk Field CRTC, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin

Project Details


United States Property and Fiscal Office, Wisconsin National Guard

Project Delivery

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Project Type

Department of Defense

Size (s.f.)

2 acres

Year (of award)



Volk Field CRTC, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin

Project Description

The purpose of this contract was to replace (4 ea.) PVC tape tubes utilized for the two existing Aircraft Arresting Systems (AAS) on the main Airfield Runway at Volk Field. The project included the removal of 4 ea. existing PVC tubes, excavation, backfill with crushed and stabilized base course and soil, demolition and replacement of concrete saddles and pier caps used to support the new tube replacement. The existing ties and anchor bolts needed for the support of the new (4 ea.) 12-3/4-inch steel tubes, were adjusted with the new concrete support saddles and piers. In addition, mechanical, electrical, & controls needed for the operation of the tube tape was performed. The support pier caps and saddles for the existing tubes needed to be altered due to the change in diameter from the existing tape tube to proposed tape tube. The project also included asphalt and concrete shoulder pavement, grading, pavement markings, airport runway lighting and intercommunication with Tower Aircraft Control Center allowing work to proceed safely at an active airport runway.